And the Winner is….

And the Winner is….

Congrats to “Miss Ann”, our $250 Gift Card Award Winner. If you’d like to win as well, simply send us your photos with Paradigm Gallery products and a review, and we’ll pick the winner with the best design skills. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, have fun with it.

Below are images from Miss Ann’s gorgeous living room. In the photo, you’ll find our Pavillion Chair and Knoll Sofa.


“I had a wonderful experience with Paradigm Gallery.  Their customer service is outstanding.  I placed a custom order and Paradigm Gallery’s staff kept me apprised of my order status on a regular basis. The furniture quality is excellent.  I’ve seen (and sat on) many reproduction Knoll pieces – most of them don’t even come close to the originals in quality.  Paradigm Gallery’s furniture is outstanding – from the high-grade leather to the steel and chrome.  These pieces are reproduced so close to the originals that only the owner will know they aren’t the “real McCoy.”  It’s rare to find companies these days that strive to provide exemplary customer service and a phenomenal product.  Kudos to the team at Paradigm Gallery!”

Miss Ann
Northern New Jersey

Thanks again!

30 New Products in 30 Days

30 New Products in 30 Days

As we start enjoy Spring and even Summer like weather across the country, we’re also refreshing things by adding new products. So, for the next 30 days, stay glued to our blog as we introduce 30 new modern furniture items to the Paradigm Gallery collection.

Today’s addition: The Day Dining Chair

Fitting for Spring, the Day Dining Chair has a wonderfully soft microfiber covering, in gorgeous floral print. Supporting the seat are high quality chrome legs. Only $395 for a Set of 2. Can’t beat that.

What Should We Do?

As it stands, Paradigm Gallery has over 2000 unique products in multiple color options, sizes, etc. But, as we’re focusing on expanding our product line, we would love to get you guys involved.
What products would YOU like to see on Paradigm Gallery. Accessories, outdoor, more dining?

The future of our collection is in your hands.