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How cool is it to have a local public library using chairs at tables and computer workstations that are referred to as Recycled Seat Belt Chairs (custom designed Rock and Stop Chairs)?  Composed of solid natural wood frames with seat belt webbing, they are both green and very comfortable. Enter the Gotham Rocker, designed by  J.Persing  the same small niche U.S. company that built the library chairs mentioned above, called the Rock and Stop Chairs. Again using surplus automotive seatbelts Paradigm Gallery offers these environmentally friendly chairs which are dyed with non-toxic water-based inks.  Its light weight form is intentional:  great design with minimal material.  America is truly coming back!                                                                                 

Le Corbusier Hotel Marseille

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On August 26th

Le Corbusier Hotel, Marseille Photo Courtesy of HotelsWeLove.com

One rainy afternoon I came across a fabulous website, Hotels We Love.  The following is a small excerpt from their “about us” to share the passion that drives them towards more amazing discoveries.  “Hotels we love are personal, creative and inspiring, with that special quality the Dane’s describe as hygge. Hygge loosely translates as ‘cosy’, but it’s more than that, it suggests a sense of well-being, a moment in time when people and space fall into place and create a warm, special kind of ambiance. A kind of bonhomie applied to space.”

These talented videographers have captured a unique view of Le Corbusier’s La Cite Radieuse, or Radiant City.   Please follow this link and take the time to enjoy  the short video.  This hotel is on my bucket list.  As the artists who created this story and video would ask, “are you a Le Corbusier tragic?”  I know I am, if you are too, please leave a short comment below.


Wonderful video of the Hotel Le Corbusier

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Paradigm Gallery in Playboy; Lounge Acts

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On August 20th

Paradigm Gallery’s feature in the September 2009 issue of Playboy with Heidi Montag of MTV’s “The Hills” fame on the cover. The story features our Eero Aarnio Ball Chair The story, “Lounge Acts”, as written by Scott Alexander, makes the point we’ve been preaching for years: when you’re budget is limited, your ambition and desires don’t need to be. Modern classic designs are available at many price points, and high quality reproductions are a viable option for many….


Source: Playboy

Photography by:
Michael Williams

Article by:
Scott Alexander

Introducing Paradigm Gallery's Modern Mirrors

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On August 18th

This is kind of like an exclusive! One week before we’ll be rolling out our modern glass mirrors on the Paradigm Gallery site, you get a sneak peek through the blog only.

We have 8 new, beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, and wonderfully designed modern mirrors available now for any room of the home. Starting only at $395, these modern mirrors are appropriately priced.

And don’t forget, you still get 5% off these prices, so take a look in the mirror today.

Times are tough – help your neighbors

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On August 13th

In today’s economy, millions of people are facing new struggles and challenges. Some of these people may include your neighbors. The people sometimes closest to you could be facing some extremely difficult circumstances and we should all help. Simply click on the United Way Community Support banner below to volunteer, provide donations, and help out in any way you can. We all can make a big time difference.

Love Cars & Design? Check this place out

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On August 13th

Courtesy of the LA Times: Holger Schubert won Maserati and Architectural Digest’s Design Driven contest for best garage and you can see why. We love cars at Paradigm Gallery and obviously design; what a great pairing here.

Julius Shulman Dies at Age 98

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On July 16th
Photo courtesy of LA Times

Photo courtesy of LA Times

Julius Shulman, the legendary photographer for homes and buildings during the mid-century modern movements has died. Shulman died Wednesday night. Shulman was 98.

According to the LA TImes, “Shulman had been in declining health, and died at his home in Los Angeles, according to Craig Krull, who represented him.”

Coming out blazing in 1936, Shulman started with Richard Neutra and his other clients included a “Who’s Who” in contemporary architecture: Rudolf M. Schindler, Gregory Ain, Frank Lloyd Wright, Raphael S. Soriano, John Lautner, Eero Saarinen, Albert Frey, Pierre Koenig, Harwell Harris, and a ton of others. As a testament to his importance in the modern movements, his work can be found in virtually even book published on Modern architects.

You will be missed. To read more about Shulman and his life, click here.

And the Winner is….

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On April 23rd

Congrats to “Miss Ann”, our $250 Gift Card Award Winner. If you’d like to win as well, simply send us your photos with Paradigm Gallery products and a review, and we’ll pick the winner with the best design skills. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, have fun with it.

Below are images from Miss Ann’s gorgeous living room. In the photo, you’ll find our Pavillion Chair and Knoll Sofa.


“I had a wonderful experience with Paradigm Gallery.  Their customer service is outstanding.  I placed a custom order and Paradigm Gallery’s staff kept me apprised of my order status on a regular basis. The furniture quality is excellent.  I’ve seen (and sat on) many reproduction Knoll pieces – most of them don’t even come close to the originals in quality.  Paradigm Gallery’s furniture is outstanding – from the high-grade leather to the steel and chrome.  These pieces are reproduced so close to the originals that only the owner will know they aren’t the “real McCoy.”  It’s rare to find companies these days that strive to provide exemplary customer service and a phenomenal product.  Kudos to the team at Paradigm Gallery!”

Miss Ann
Northern New Jersey

Thanks again!

What Should We Do?

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On April 14th

As it stands, Paradigm Gallery has over 2000 unique products in multiple color options, sizes, etc. But, as we’re focusing on expanding our product line, we would love to get you guys involved.
What products would YOU like to see on Paradigm Gallery. Accessories, outdoor, more dining?

The future of our collection is in your hands.

Looking for Los Angeles & New York Contributors

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On March 5th

Have an eye for design? Really feel like you know what’s current and what’s going to happen tomorrow in design? Then, we want you.

Paradigm Gallery is looking for new blog contributors to cover Los Angeles and New York. Your tasks involve:

– Covering local design scene

– Finding and working with owner/renters of unique spaces in the city

– Locating hip new stores, boutiques, etc in your city, reviewing them, etc

– And a bunch of other cool stuff

Send your credentials, resumes to info@pgmod.com. We’ll review, schedule interviews, and get you going.