If you love Mies as we do then  we are  pleased to direct you to this awesome article. The photography is by Corine Vermeulen ( for Placement Project), and produced by Whitney Dangerfield of the New York Times.  Credit should also be given to the audio by Danielle Aubert. Make sure to read the related article and the comments, and hoorah, there will be a book by the talented women at Placement (www.placementpublication.org), Danielle Aubert, Lana Cavar, and Natasha Chandani.

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There are so many interesting aspects to this piece. For starters, we revisit an important part of the Mid Century Modern Movement in America, and learn some of the why’s and how’s of its beginnings.  We also experience a socio/cultural view of life and lifestyles in Lafayette Park.  This is a feast for the senses between the audio and visual experiences and the “stories” of those currently residing there.  Take the time to read the comments  at the end of the article.  There is a vast array of emotions expressed in the comments and some strong opinions about Mies Architecture.

My growing interest in anything Mies comes from inheriting a home built by an architect who studied with Mies in Chicago.  Please visit us at  https://www.pgmod.com to learn more, and check out,  “About”, https://www.pgmod.com/content/4-about-us If you have a minute I would love to hear your comments about how these mini visits into the lives of the current residents of Lafayette Park  resonates with your interests in  the Mid Century Modern experience.