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Mid-Century Modern Lighting for Every Style

Posted by Charu Gureja On January 23rd

We welcome our friend and guest blogger, Charu Gureja. “I’m an interior designer, passionate about interior spaces, architecture, furniture, lighting and art. Generally speaking, I enjoy anything and everything related to art and design! Growing up in countries like Egypt, Japan, Sri Lanka, India and Singapore, I’ve come to appreciate a wide variety of design principles.”  Pocket Full of Design . Charu brings to us her global point of view and her specific interest in modern lighting.


Like other elements of Mid-century Modern design, lighting fulfills both the aesthetic and functional needs of a space while eliminating the need for extraneous decoration. The fixtures have simple yet sculptural forms, which make them versatile enough to fit into spaces of any style, be it traditional, industrial, eclectic or contemporary.

Through the following examples I hope to inspire you to create your own unique look using Mid-century Modern lighting. The Paradigm Gallery website and blog are a great resource in terms of inspiration and products to help you along and I’m thankful to them for inviting me to share my thoughts here!


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Bad Design Trends Say "Bye Bye" in '09

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On January 5th

Recently, we ran across a great post in the LA Times Home & Garden section that listed some of the worst design trends that top experts wish would simply, DIE in 2009. These “experts” included interior designers, designers, retailers, and other design pros, so they kinda know what they’re talking about. Here’s a quick rundown, plus a little Paradigm Gallery analysis 🙂

1) No More Granite

No more granite?

No more granite?

Says accessories designer and retailer Kenneth Wingard:

“Please, in the kitchen, no more granite countertop. It came into vogue in the ’80s, and it makes a place look dated instantaneously. I am pushing for an orange Formica comeback. If you don’t think you can pull that off, then honed white marble is always beautiful, soapstone or poured concrete looks great in rustic homes, and Corian gives a simple look that does not dominate any room.”

Our Take: Yeah, we are equally appalled by the question “Is this granite?” on House Hunters.

2) Residential Kitchens that Look Commercial

We kinda like sterility

We kinda like sterility

“A kitchen chock-full of stainless-steel appliances is cold and old. Viking and Blue Star have a number of custom finishes that give a warmer, fresher look that can integrate your appliances with your cabinetry or add a fun pop of color to your kitchen.”

— Kristine Paige Kamenstein, Jackson Paige Interiors

Our Take: I guess it’s up to you. We’re somewhat split here. Some enjoy a cold sterile appliance set with punchy cabinetry incorporating bright and vibrant red, orange, and blue cabinet covers.

3) Mass Produced, Oversized Club Chairs

You look so small in that chair...

You look so small in that chair...

“I am tired of furniture that is scaled for a giant. Even if you have high ceilings in your home, you can buy furniture that is human-scaled. I love Ralph Lauren’s Colorado club chair, and for a less expensive alternative, a vintage club chair is a good option.”

Andrea Schroder, contestant from Bravo’s “Top Design”

Our Take: You are right Andrea. Seriously, there is comfort, but it’s like clothes. You don’t want to be swallowed with a baggy fit. We certainly prefer a Pavillion Chair or Le Corbusier Chair in petit, grande, or even extra grande sizes. Know what we mean?

4) Oversized Sleigh Beds

Did Brenda Walsh have one of these?

Did Brenda Walsh have one of these?

“If you have a team of Clydesdales, drive this old chestnut straight to the barn. Try something that brings pizazz back into the boudoir, like a headboard of soft gold-leaf leather with a nailhead design.”

— Craig Olsen, designer and retailer

Our Take: ABSOLUTELY! Too much in the bedroom almost chokes your sleep. Sleek, platform beds will be around a while. Take advantage now, like the Worth Bed, shown below:

Clean and mean

Clean and mean

5) Cubed Ottomans and Faux Zebra Prints



“Little cubed ottomans are o-u-t,” designer and retailer Craig Olsen says. “Hexagons and ovals will lead the eye straight to the piece and make the room remarkable.” When it comes to faux zebra prints, designer and retailer Suzan Fellman sounds off: “Good God, how does a zebra print translate onto a cowhide rug? There are superior floor treatments, in a reasonable price range, that do not pretend to be something that they are not. I would opt for an Arzu Firuz vinyl carpet with laser cutouts that create a great pattern for the floor and are so easy to maintain.”

Our Take: Ok, ok, so we offer the “Pony Cube”, so we’re somewhat guilty to a degree, but we do have tons of non-cube ottoman and coffee tables to take advantage of.

So, what do you guys think? Any dreadful Design Trends that you just want to cast off for good?

2008 Design Trends Reviewed: Part 1

Posted by Lynne van den Berg On December 15th

Over the last 11 months, we’ve seen a lot happen in the design and furniture market. From the embrace of green as color used and an environmental cause to multi-purpose furniture becoming extremely popular as the economy spiraled downwards, 2008 has been a very intersting year. Over the next couple of days, we’ll review some of the trends we noticed and welcome you to get involved. What did you like from the year? What could you absolutely not stand?

Living Room Sectionals Are Still Popular

This year saw living room sectionals becoming much more minimal in design, and very versatile in function. Our living room sectionals were very hot this year, especially the modern sectionals that allowed multiple configurations, and pieces that could be used a chaise or lounge, ottoman, and so forth. As the economy faced issues, many of our clients sought pieces that could solve an entire room’s worth of furniture needs, rather than buying an individual living room chair, chaise, lounge, etc. Makes sense. And no living room sectional rose above the Centerline Living Room Sectional. Our most popular and definitely most versatile:

Stay tuned as we continue with the trends reviewed into the end of the year. Beat us to the punch, tell us what trends you noticed this year.