Our Story

Our story begins with Pierce King, our inspiration, and ultimately our benefactor. Pierce changed the course of our lives. Actually for the sake of accuracy his four blue Mid Century Modern chairs helped to achieve that outcome. Pierce introduced us to the iconic furniture and architecture of his era and more importantly the individuals who designed it. Mies van der Rohe was one of Pierce’s professors at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. I have been told by other architects in Iowa City that Pierce’s work reflects the influence of  his mentor, van der Rohe, and the International Style. Roy Neumann (Neumann Monson Architects),  was asked to describe his best friend and he said, “he was an architect’s architect.” That was a high level of flattery coming from a talented architect who received his degree from Harvard and studied with the great founder of The Bauhaus School, Walter Gropius.  It is important to hear the stories that connect us to our Mid

Century inspired furniture and we are on a mission to learn as much as we can.  Sadly I confess that  we never had the chance to hear Pierces stories.  We are however, the stewards of his classic modern home (an example of International Design,1969), and his wonderful library. This is one exciting journey and Paradigm Gallery is the logical continuation of Pierce’s legacy. Paradigm Gallery (PG MOD) was started by a young entrepreneur in 2005. This young entrepreneur could not find affordable reproductions of classic Mid Century furniture, so the realm of Paradigm Gallery was born –  With a strong work ethic, and great respect for Mid Century products, Paradigm Gallery grew into a solid Mid Century Modern furniture website. When our predecessor was ready to change his career track and we were trying to find a new direction that made sense for us, things came together.  We are now fully immersed in this genre of furniture that is timeless, trendy, and always “cool”.  Having already spent many years in furniture and design, this doesn’t feel anything like work, it’s love.