While visiting New York in 2015 I watched the construction of Calatrava’s Occulus AKA The Transportation Hub, at the World Trade Center sites. The experience was the beginning of my interest in this man of creative genius. He is admired and distained, loved for the wildly imaginative creations of his mind, and hated for his arrogance and more.  For me it all comes down to the visual experience first, his work is clear and precise art, Beauty in the eyes of this beholder.

Approaching the Milwaukee Art Museum, which sits on the edge of Lake Michigan, was a heart pounding experience. The graceful, white structure against the blue sky and wispy clouds is so simply beautiful. The fact that it breathes in it’s location is an added bonus, too often there is distraction and competition, but this Calatrava owns the vista and it is glorious.

As my beloved mom use to say, “beauty is as beauty does” and the art museum fulfilled that dictum of beautiful form and successful function.  It is truly a “precious” museum, full of substance but not overwhelming, a perfect amuse bouche.