Notes from Paul’s Desk:  Edgar Blazona’s Modernist Living

Notes from Paul’s Desk: Edgar Blazona’s Modernist Living

Clearly thinking out of the box, Edgar Blazona learned from corporate America and yet decided, by leaving, that he could create his own story in a way that many of us could appreciate and admire.

Edgar anchored his reputation within the modernist design community with the launch of Modular Dwellings, custom mobile, prefabricated dwellings, that elegantly blend form and function for affordable modernist living. In 2004 Modular Dwellings was listed among Metropolitan Home magazines Top 100 Designs of the year.

Those of us that have loved Mid-Century Modern, and Danish Modern furniture, unfortunately,  could never afford these cool looking pieces. Thankfully, over the past several years, interpretations of many of the classics have become available at affordable prices without sacrificing the quality and integrity that many of these great pieces were originally known for.

Edgar eloquently expressed his views on this  subject in an interview at  handful of salt,  “One of  our complaints is that if you want clean, simple design, there are relatively few options between IKEA and Design Within Reach.  True Modern steps bravely into that wide open, slightly scary space with value-conscious modernist design.”  Thank you, Edgar, for fearlessly going to a  place where others would not go.  You have clearly claimed your place in the world of furniture design with your fine upholstered chairs, sofas, sectionals, and wood furniture, a cool aesthetic with  “true modern” design.